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I started out as a drummer back in 1992 with a band called Eclipse. Some of you may know Pastor Pedro from Calvary Chapel. He was the bass player for Eclipse. Then we reformed as 52 DSL with Jeremy DuBois on guitar who is a well-known engineer now for LMFAO and Dashboard Confessional among others. Also in 52 DSL was Mathew Shippy, who later formed a band called Y.


Drumming for Honeysticks in 1995 was a great experience. Having played all the local venues from Mars Bar, to Roses, Washington Square and Tobacco Road and Respectable Street, we even took the show to West Palm's MoonFest and Orlando. Honeysticks was a tight little band that was formed with Martin Chan from Volumen Zero on guitar (known as Orgasmic Bliss at the time) and Aramis Lorie on keys before Poplife and Grand Central. But it wasn't until we reformed with Joe Miranda of Swivelstick that Honeysticks received some local notoriety.


We even were nominated New Times Best New Band in 1995. Honeysticks, like other bands in the mid-'90s, paved the way for local alternative and indie music in Miami now. I'm proud to have been a part of that. I've had people come up to me years later that have been inspired and influenced by what we did.


After Honeysticks, I did a twenty-seven date tour of half the country as the drummer for Bird Gets a Smile, a Miami band that later moved to Boston. After that, I recorded various projects like Radioimmuno and



Vacant Speed in 2004. I took a break then wrote and recorded my first solo album called Veigs In a Weigh in 2009. While looking for local musicians to perform my solo stuff, I met Josh Manes from Tree View Drive. I became Tree View Drive's drummer in 2009. Although this band was short lived, it was the last time I performed live as a drummer. We even received some radio play in NYC on 101.9 RXP.


I also recorded a side project album called Extended Play EP that featured Eddie Perez from the Bureau and guest musicians like Michelangelo and Laisi from Cornerstoners, Danny Garcia from the Swinging Richards, Marisol Garcia from Dreaming In Stereo, and Eddy Roses. Then Josh Manes and I recorded an acoustic album called Aggregates - The Rise of Veracity in 2010. During Aggregates, I met Tammy. A couple of months later, we wrote the song Heady & Sullen while I was still working on Aggregates with Josh. You can hear the acoustic version of Heady & Sullen on the Aggregates album.


Over the years, I've evolved to become more of a studio artist rather than a live performer. I get immense satisfaction from the collaborations with others. I grew musically because of it, and recording lets you explore territory not possible in a live setting.  with that said live music is how I got started and my next project will involve getting back up on the stage. full circle.













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